Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Wee Free Men

So let's go through the Tiffany Aching books until 9/28, when I Shall Wear Midnight zips into my Kindle. The Wee Free Men (2003) introduces Tiffany & the Chalk country of the Disc. I could quote almost the whole book as advice on what a witch truly is & should be. As this is the 1st book of the series, Tiffany is only 9 years old, and Miss Tick (heh) has just "found" her as a new witch. I love when they meet, bristling around each other like 2 cats, sizing each other up:

"Witches don't use magic unless they really have to. It's hard work and difficult to control. We do other things A witch pays attention to everything that's going on. A witch uses her head. A witch is sure of herself. A witch always has a piece of string...Although there's more to witchcraft than string. A witch delights in small details. A witch sees through things and around things . A witch sees farther than most. A witch sees things from the other side. A witch knows where she is, who she is, and when she is." (p. 32) Yep, Miss Perspicacia Tick, that gets at it!

Tiffany takes on the wicked witch stereotype: "And all the stories had, somewhere, the witch. The wicked old witch. 
   And Tiffany had thought, Where's the evidence?
   The stories never said why she was wicked. It was enough to be an old woman, enough to be all alone, enough to look strange because you had no teeth. It was enough to be called a witch." (p.34)

As I said, the whole text is sound witchy advice, and hilarity ensues with the pictsies. Little blue men in kilts with a deep appreciation for the Special Sheep Liniment. There is more good stuff, especially when Granny Weatherwax & Nanny Ogg arrive at the end. I will get to it!


  1. Over and over, I'm convinced that Pratchett understands more about being a witch than loads of the people who ID as one.

  2. Hi,

    I just found you through A Walk in the Woods. I really like your blog and will become a follower.

    To address the question you had about what to do with Lemon Balm (even though it wasn't for me)
    I take a handful and place it in my tennis shoes. As it dries, it absorbs the odor. It's a wonderful, natural air freshener. Also, Lemon Tea is delicious. I use it on fish by sprinkling it on before broiling.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Cheryl, HealingWoman

  3. Thank you, Cheryl! I will try some tea today & some fish later this week. Cheers!